Sunday, January 18, 2009


Well another Christmas has come and gone! Working two jobs made shopping for Christmas really hard but thankfully it all got done and everyone seemed to be happy with what they got. We got hit with a really bad snow storm Christmas day and had to dig ourselves out three different times. We were able to make it to Trish's house for waffles, strawberries and ice cream and when we finally got home our power was out. My sister was kind enough to let us come over and hang out until our power came back on. It was a crazy Christmas day but so fun to get to see family and spend time together. The pictures show the girls with their Christmas haul!

Taylor's Christmas Recital

This was Taylor's first recital at her new dance studio, Tiffany Dance Company. She is in three classes but only one of her classes performed at the recital. The most exiciting part of the recital was her solo! The owner of the studio offered to let some of the girls do a one minute solo and Taylor decided she wanted to try. Aunt Errin and her sister Joelle came over and helped her learn a routine. She did an amazing job and we were all so proud of her. She smiles so big when she is dancing, I am glad she has found something she loves and is good at!

Taylor's 11th Birthday

My little girl is not so little any more! My oldest daughter just turned 11. I definately don't feel old enough to be her mommy. She invited 4 friends over for a sleep-over. They did make-overs and nails and watched movies, etc, etc, etc. It was actually less painful than I though it would be and by 12:00 they were tucked in and all asleep. I am so proud of my oldest daughter. She amazes me at her kindness and willingness to pitch in and help. I can always count on her to be there when I need her. I love you Taylor and am so proud of the young woman you are turning into.

Halloween '08

The Halloween party was at our house this year again. The girls went through two different costumes each this year until they decided on the perfect ones! We ate dinner first and then then trick-or-treating began. Brandon surprised us once again with his costume! A picture says a thousand words! We are wondering what else he can do with those shorts. The funniest part is that he took the girls out trick-or-treating in the neighborhood and several of our neighbors thought he was Bryan! Ashlee and Lohren were dressed up this year, they said they were gangsters but I don't know about you but they didn't seem very scary! Good times!

We Finally Went Camping

Well it only took two years but we finally managed to get the camper out! It takes some effort to get things ready and set up but once we are actually camping we wonder why we don't try and do it more often. We spent the weekend up at Wasatch Mountains and enjoyed every minute of it. If only we could live the simple life like that more often!

The girls in their beds!

Bryan and I. Make-up and razors are banned in the camper so what you see is what you get!

Taylor managed to catch the only fish on our camping trip! It was little but still a catch. We couldn't manage to get up early when the fishing is good so we weren't so successful.

Maddy was pretending to catch a fish. She found a plastic one on the rocks and said it was her catch!

Maddy's First Field Trip

Yes it finally happened, Maddy went on her first official school field trip! The kindergarten class went to visit Thanksgiving point and see all the animals. I went with her and yes unfortunately we had to ride the bus. Actually I could have driven but Maddy really wanted to ride the bus, it was her very first time! All in all it was fun for the kids and fun to see my baby growing up!
Oh and by the way the boy sitting next to Maddy in the hall is Maguire, that is the boy she likes and he seems to have a crush on her too. Am I in trouble or what???

Monday, September 1, 2008

Lexi is 9!

Well our Lexi Lou is now the big 9! Her birthday snuck up on us fast and before we new it it was time to plan the party and buy presents. We tried to keep it simple but it still didn't quite work out that way. Even dinner and a movie with friends can add up! Lexi invited two friends over and we all went out to dinner at Winger's for two reasons: 1. they have yummy dessert and 2. the kids meals were only $1.99! I know a bargain when I see it! After sitting at dinner Bryan informed me that he was definately outnumbered and was going to take a rain check for the rest of the evening! Can you blame him poor guy? Sitting at dinner with 6 females, 5 of which were 10 and under would be a bit much for any man! So that left me with the gang. We went home and the girls changed into pjs and we headed to a late movie, Space Chimps. After our last sleep-over I was a little fearful but I had promised Lexi, so I was willing to follow through. We invited the girls to sleep-over and much to my happiness the mothers of the girls coming over said they felt better about a late-over rather than a sleep over! Yeah I was off the hook!!!! It worked out so well we may never have a sleep-over party again! I took the girls home at 11 pm and we all slept in the next morning. Lexi was happy because she got all she asked for and more and I have no more parties to plan until December.